The Time is Ripe for the Elyria Apple Festival

Bushel of ApplesThe annual Elyria Apple Festival will bring fall fun to Ohio once more, from Sept. 19-21.  This festival has been around since 1980, and Elyria families have been attending since the very beginning.  If you were looking for an exciting way to ring in the colorful season, I would encourage you to pick the apple festival! [Read more…]

Brian K. Balser Co. LPA Retained as Counsel for Logan Stiner’s Family in Caffeine Powder Wrongful Death Case

caffeine powderThe death of 18-year-old Logan Stiner in May has captured the attention of the entire U.S., identifying an issue many of us were unaware existed.

Logan, just days away from graduation in his hometown of LaGrange, Ohio, passed away after ingesting a lethal amount of caffeine powder. Caffeine powder is a popular dietary supplement that is unregulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The autopsy revealed that Logan had over 70 micrograms of caffeine per milliliter of blood in his system (23 times the amount found in the blood of a typical coffee or soda drinker). [Read more…]

3 Motorcycle Accidents and How to Ride Around Them

Man Riding a MotorcycleTaking to the open road on a motorcycle is a thrilling activity for many people in Ohio, especially during the summer months. Unfortunately, the freedom that makes riding a motorcycle more fun also makes the rider more vulnerable to being seriously injured in an accident.

As an accident injury lawyer, I have seen the suffering a motorcycle accident can bring upon the rider who was injured or the family who lost a rider.  Many of the most common motorcycle accidents can be avoided, or made less detrimental, with some simple safety practices.  A helpful article from RideApart details ways to prevent accidents, and hopefully this post will encourage riders and drivers to be even more aware on the road. [Read more…]

Dialysis Gets Dangerous: Drug Linked to Heart Problems

A Broken HeartDialysis is a medical process that allows patients with kidney disease or failure live a more productive and normal life.  But, when something goes wrong during dialysis, the active ingredients that are supposed to help patients can actually hurt them — or even kill them.

Two brand names of dialysates manufactured and distributed by Fresenius Medical Care, GranuFlo and NaturaLyte, are used in dialysis centers across the country to treat patients. But, when it was discovered that the use of these two products contributed to low blood pressure and cardiac arrest, a recall was issued and lawsuits ensued. [Read more…]

Survey Says: Adults Aren’t Safer Drivers

Hands on a Steering WheelThe warnings against texting and driving, and distracted driving in general, are rampant.  If you haven’t seen them, then maybe you know someone who has been pulled over for texting and driving, or maybe you’ve been pulled over for cellphone use while driving.

It is clear that law enforcement is cracking down on distracted driving, and often time the finger is pointed a cellphone-addicted teenagers as the offenders of this unsafe practice. But survey, and a closely kept traffic record, says this isn’t so: adults often pick up their phone behind the wheel.

In Cleveland alone, 291 citations for distracted driving have been issued since 2009. None of these citations were for people under the age of 18; of the people cited, 47 were men and 244 were women. [Read more…]

Can a Difficult Birth Cause Cerebral Palsy?

Newborn BabyAdvanced technology and medical practices has made the birth of a child a much safer process than it was in the beginning.  There are considerably less risks for the health of the baby and the mother, even in cases where the pregnant mother is older.

Unfortunately, not all risks have been eliminated.  Cerebral palsy, a condition obtained at birth or right before birth, is still relatively frequently diagnosed: 8,000 children are diagnosed with cerebral palsy in the United States every year.

Cerebral palsy is a devastating diagnosis for both the parent and the child.  Although cerebral palsy is most commonly known to affect movement and motor development, the condition can also include seizure disorders, developmental delays, and inability to feed properly.

So, what causes a birth condition with such devastating affects?  [Read more…]

Cents for Cerebral Palsy: Raising Money for Surgery

Change JarThe kindness of children seems to be unprecedented.  When children are young, their best friends mean the most to them; one Canadian child proved that when he set up a lemonade stand to raise money for his friend’s costly cerebral palsy surgery.

But, how can one child’s lemonade stand raise enough money for a $15,000 surgery?  Well, the kid, his family, and the community seem to have figured out a way. [Read more…]

Ribs On The River Four-Day Event

A Neon Barbecue Sign When you think of summer what comes to mind? Outdoor gatherings with friends and family? Festivals with great local music? Events with amazing food like BBQ? When you think of summer, if you think of any of those three things, then you won’t want to miss Lorain’s first annual Ribs on the River event taking place this July and August. [Read more…]

4 Myths About Cerebral Palsy

A young boy with cerebral palsy We all want what is best for our children. We all want them to be happy and healthy…and of course, being brilliant, beautiful, and charismatic wouldn’t hurt either. Getting a not-so clean bill of health for your child can be devastating, especially when you don’t fully understand the diagnosis. If your child has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP), it can be really scary and disheartening. However, there are a lot of myths about Cerebral Palsy and what it means for your child. Let’s debunk 4 of those Cerebral Palsy myths right now. [Read more…]

Cell Phones Among Top Causes Of Fatal Car Accidents

An iPhoneIf you were alive before the widespread availability and usage of cell phones, you probably remember safety campaigns that promoted “don’t drink and drive”or “buckle up”. These messages were screamed from the television, billboards, and in school classrooms. However, with the rise of cell phones we’ve seen a whole new class of auto safety messages become dominate: “Don’t text and drive”and “don’t talk and drive”.

New numbers seem to suggest that these messages and others denouncing the usage of cell phones while driving are needed and that they may not be enough. [Read more…]