What is pharmaceutical litigation?

Pharmaceutical companies have, unfortunately, put some really bad drugs on the market.

To give you an example, I did a lot of work with fen-phen, a diet drug. Fen-phen seriously injured and killed consumers, attacking the heart and lungs. Despite this, the drug was sold to people throughout the U.S. Many products with dangerous side effects, like fen-phen, are approved by the FDA. Eventually, these side effects surface, seriously injuring—or killing—the consumer. That’s where pharmaceutical litigation comes in.

If it’s a defective product, then the case ventures into the arena of product liability. In this instance, an investigation into the product’s development is launched.

If it is found that the drug a) should never have been put on the market, b) should have come with a stronger warning, or c) should have been recalled sooner, the victim likely has a case.

In many instances, consumers are not aware of a drug’s potential dangers until they see something on TV about it. When they do, they need to contact an attorney, such as myself, who has experience with dangerous, bad, and recalled drugs. A pharmaceutical litigation attorney can inform them what legal options are available to them.

I have local and national experience in pharmaceutical litigation. If you have more questions about drugs, whether prescribed or over-the-counter, please contact me today.