Choosing a Law Firm for Your Case

When it comes to choosing a law firm for your case, whether it’s a devastating birth injury such as cerebral palsy, a severe auto or motorcycle accident or a wrongful death claim, bigger is not always better.

Why? Because many big law firms rely on litigating a huge volume of cases to stay in business, pay their staff, and make a profit, all while disregarding the personal touch each client deserves.

In contrast to a high-volume firm, attorneys at a smaller established law firm are likely to have more experience than a randomly assigned attorney at a large firm, and have a greater personal interest in your claim.

Instead of assigning an investigator or paralegal to conduct the initial meeting — common practice at big law firms — I take pride in listening to a new client’s challenges and concerns, counseling clients to deal with immediate problems, and creating a sound legal strategy for settlement or trial purposes.

In fact, the initial client meeting is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other, determine whether we are compatible, and develop a healthy working relationship.

Know Who You’re Hiring

As a victim, you or your family suffered — whether during your child’s birth, during a medical procedure, after taking a prescribed drug or from a severe accident — an unexpected, disruptive, and possibly life-altering occurrence.

At big law firms, incoming calls are often directed to a call center, and non-attorney investigators or paralegals are sent to the potential client’s home to get contracts signed. The client may not initially be given an opportunity to even speak to an attorney. After the investigator or paralegal completes his or her role, the high-volume firm often assigns the case to an attorney the client has never met, interviewed, or selected. The assigned attorney may be a new law school graduate, a former criminal law attorney, or someone with minimal experience in handling similar cases. Wouldn’t you want to know the attorney you are hiring before you select a law firm? Can you imagine not having an opportunity to choose the attorney for your case?

Attorneys at smaller, established firms generally are not overwhelmed with a huge volume of cases like many attorneys at large law firms. Consider this: Do they have sufficient time to listen to their clients’ problems and concerns? Do they have time to return client phone calls or emails? Do attorneys at big firms treat each person’s case individually to maximize recovery, or do they simply settle a case and move on to the next one because there are hundreds more on the list?

Consider hiring an attorney with the experience, time, and commitment to handle your case. My firm offers a client a more personal experience with greater accessibility at a time when the client is in need.

Whether you’re the victim of a medical provider, a careless driver or a large pharmaceutical company I have the experience and ability to personalize and maximize your claim.

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